“Your rewards in LIFE are determined by the Problems you solve for others”

College Admissions has taken a holistic approach to admitting qualified candidates.  Therefore, the College Campus Tours Program focuses on holistic development of students.  This approach will allow students to select the right environment for their unique gifts and talents.

College Campus Tours is more than a Bus ride!  We are a holistic program that is designed to encourage students to develop skills and mindsets for success in school, college, career and life.  

Over the past 21 years College Campus Tours has mentored over sixty thousand students during their transition to higher education.  The College Campus Tours Program is designed to empower young people to be better decision makers. While touring, students are captivated by carefully planned lessons that inspire creativity and critical thinking skills.  This program has three components: College Readiness, Leadership Development, and Life Skills.  The lessons from these tours will last a lifetime.

College Campus Tour Program Goals    

  • Students selecting the College environment that will enhance their unique gifts.
  • Students focusing on a rigorous major, that will prepare them for Graduate School and Life
  • Students completing college in four or less years
  • Students completing college debt free.
  • Students able to make good decisions socially and emotionally

The Value of College Tours

Helping you make the right choice

College Campus Tours acts as a committed service agent helping students and parents in simplifying the college admission process. Thus, it is very important that students visit a variety of college campuses in order to determine which type of higher education institution is better fitted (large or small, private or public, urban or rural, etc.) for them. Selecting a college results in a four-year plus commitment, not to mention a very expensive one. Choosing a college without exploring all available options could be a costly mistake. For example, spending five years in a public college or university will average over $45,000. A five-year stay in a private college or university will cost more than $160,000. The U.S. News and Princeton Review have noted that college tours and campus visits are an absolute necessity for college bound students. Therefore, CCT is dedicated to providing superior college tour services for student groups. To demonstrate this fact we have brought students to various locations throughout the United States. For example, in the West—University of Colorado, Air Force Academy; in the Midwest—Northwestern University, DePaul University; in the East—Hampton University, Georgetown University; in the South—University of Houston, Florida State, Duke University, Southern University, and Jackson State University; just to name a few.

Our Program Changes Lives

What are you waiting for?

College selection ranks as one of the major decisions a young person is asked to make. A college degree positively impacts a person’s esteem, employability, and earning potential. It is never too early for students to start thinking about career aspirations. The core of college planning starts in the 9th grade. This is the time that students should start examining their concerns, interest, and strengths to determine their future career paths. The College Campus Tours program is designed to support schools and other educational programs in their efforts toward preparing students to successfully handle the complexities of today’s society. Since its establishment as an educational and leadership program, we have developed a practical and effective program that addresses the evolving concerns of students. College Campus Tours provides cultural and educational experiences that inspire students to: examine concerns and personal interest during the college selection process. It is our goal that once a student completes our program they will be able to select a college and a major that leads to a fulfilling future.