Personal Development Seminars

The Roadmap through School From Middle School to Graduate School 10 Essential Reasons for a College Education Maximizing the College Experience

Seminar #2
The SUCCESS Formula Improving your Decision Making Process Discovering the Leader within Being Resilient, Fearless, and Amazing

Seminar #3
Designing your Blueprint Building a Value Statement Developing a Vision Statement Creating a Mission Statement

Seminar #4
External Forces Overcoming Social Landmines Envy and Jealousy Police Interactions / Campus Security

Seminar #5
Majors Needed Understanding STEM and STEAM Entrepreneurship Medicine, Law, Urban Planning

Seminar #6
College Athletics Football, Track Athletic Administration The Money behind Sports

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will have raised their career goals and expectations. 

Students will commit to changing their attitudes and increase their academic performances. 

Students will understand their roadmap to success by completing a value, vision, and mission statements. 

Students will be able to apply the Success formula and understand each of the variables.
Each student will have a realistic educational and career plan for the next four years.
Students will be able to demonstrate goal setting, analytical and decision-making skills necessary to adapt that plan as they mature.