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Director’s Vision for each student on the College Tour

  • Students selecting the College that is the right environment for supporting and developing their unique gifts and talents.
  • Students completing college in four or less years
  • Students completing college debt free.


Goals for each College Tour    

  • Upon completion of the tour, 70% of students will have raised their career goals and expectations. 
  • 90% of students who at the beginning of the tour had not planned any further education or training after college will have changed their minds and will be preparing for post baccalaureate (Graduate School). 
  • 95% of the students will commit to changing their attitudes and increased their performances in current academic subjects.
  • Each student will have a realistic educational and career plan for the next four years. They will also be able to demonstrate goal setting, analytical and decision-making skills necessary to adapt that plan as they mature. 

“Your rewards in LIFE are determined by the Problems you solve for others”

College Admissions has taken a holistic approach to admitting qualified candidates.  Therefore, the College Campus Tours Program focuses on holistic development of students.  This approach will allow students to select the right environment for their unique gifts and talents.College Campus Tours is more than a Bus ride!  We are a holistic program that is designed to encourage students to develop skills and mindsets for success in school, college, career and life.  Areas of focus may include relationship skills, self awareness, self management, social awareness and responsible decision making.

Over the past 21 years College Campus Tours has mentored over sixty thousand students during their transition to higher education.  The College Campus Tours Program is designed to empower young people to be better decision makers. While touring, students are captivated by carefully planned lessons that inspire creativity and critical thinking skills.  This program has three components: College Readiness, Leadership Development, and Life Skills.  The lessons from these tours will last a lifetime.

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