“Your rewards in LIFE are determined by the Problems you solve for others”

College Admissions has taken a holistic approach to admitting qualified candidates. Therefore, the College Campus Tours Program focuses on holistic development of students. This approach will allow students to select the right environment for their unique gifts and talents.

College Campus Tours is more than a Bus ride! We are a holistic program that is designed to encourage students to develop skills and mindsets for success in school, college, career and life.

College Tour Packages

"Discover your Assignment"

The Curriculum “Discover your Assignment” College Campus Tours is a committed service company dedicated to helping students, parents, and school staff simplify the college admission process, and maximize their collegiate experiences by providing college tours and seminars. College Campus Tours believes that every student must be committed to maximizing his or her potential. This program is designed to support schools and other educational programs in an effort to prepare students to successfully handle the complexities of today’s society. Our focus is to enhance each student’s self-confidence, motivation, self-esteem, and civic awareness.